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Kids Party Bible is great for parents

Parents find what they are looking for faster!

Our directory has up to the minute geolocation technology which can detect your location and show you the listings closest to you first. Or you can override this setting and search a particular location.
Either way you won’t need to wade through loads of irrelevant listings to find what you are looking for.
Plus- you can choose to narrow down the results by category- or browse all for inspiration.
So you get all the advantages of a local website with the traffic and content of a bigger site

Kids Party Bible is great for your business
Kids Party Bible is a comprehensive directory of children’s party supplies and party services offering a great opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience.
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    Get found by more potential customers 

    Kids Party Bible is designed with search engine optimisation in mind.

    The niche nature of Kids Party Bible brings your party business high quality leads and more business in a competitive market.  By focusing exclusively on the niche of children’s parties we have structured Kids Party Bible to give you a strong presence in Google and other search engine rankings.

    A listing in a niche directory such as Kids Party Bible is a great way to boost your chances of being found on a Google search.  Google favours well optimised directory sites (ever noticed how they always appear at the top of a search?)

    Every listing is search engine optimised by us to give you the best chance of parents finding your business.

    Plus you get crucial backlinks from a niche directory to your website and social media profiles- proven to win you valuable brownie points in the search engine rankings.             

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    What are the benefits of a business listing on Kids Party Bible?
    As an enhanced business member you get stacks of opportunities to showcase your business.

    Submit articles to our article database and we will promote them through our website, email marketing and social media channels to drive even more traffic to your business listing.

    All that we ask is that the articles are unique and not published elsewhere……… It’s an excellent opportunity to get extra attention for your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
    • Enhanced members also get links, links and more links! Links to your website from our high traffic website is great for boosting your website ranking.
    Plus- you can link to your social media profiles and start developing a relationship with your customer base so when it comes to party time they think of you first!
    Cost-effective marketing tool: A listing on Kids Party Bible is a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising and it doesn’t end up as tomorrows chip paper.  As birthdays happen just once a year  we understand you need a permanent, affordable way of reaching your target audience.

    • Listings can be sorted geographically by postcode and/or city and our geolocator technology can automatically detect a users location and show them listings closest to them- making Kids Party Bible the perfect directory for local businesses by making it much easier to find all the great party businesses in the local area.

    Reviews help your business: The Kids Party Bible review stream allows customers to comment and endorse your business. Word of mouth recommendations are proven to be very important to mums. Positive reviews make your listing stand out in search engine results and can help your position in internet search results.

    Kids Party Bible is so much more than a party directory. We aim to be a useful resource for parents with news, articles, competitions and special offers meaning they visit the site time and time again.    CLICK HERE to list your business

    User generated content
    What makes Kids Party Bible stand out compared to other directory sites?
    We love user generated content- and here’s why you should too!  Got a happy customer? Ask them to write you a review on Kids Party Bible today!

    • 73% of UK mums use the internet for an average of 14.4 hours/ week
    • 63.3% say they use online reviews to make better purchases of goods and services including decisions relating to children
    • 99% have used the internet to do research before purchasing goods and services. User generated content in the shape of reviews is key to purchases
    Source:  Digital Mums: Mediascope Europe 2013

    Research also showed a shift towards consumers using online reviews and recommendations when choosing a local business.
    • 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
    • 52% said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business.
    • 27% of consumers regularly use online reviews to determine which local business to use.
    Source: Local Consumer Review Survey (2012)

    These figures are rising year on year. Can you afford to miss out on this potentially valuable source of customers?

    Got a happy customer? Ask them to write you a review on Kids Party Bible today!


    What is included with a business listing?          List your business
    List your business on Kids Party Bible and you get
    • A full page showcase of your party related business complete with lots of pictures.
    Backlinks to your website and social media profiles.
    • Your business listings search engine optimised making sure that when parents search for a party business, product or service, you are at the top of the list
    • The opportunity to submit articles getting even more attention for your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field
    • A Kids Party Bible account allowing you to edit and update your own listings
    Listing packages
    If you choose to have an enhanced business listing you will be able upgrade your listing to a featured listing – which will mean your business will be one of two appearing at the top of all pages for that month. We also promote featured listings on our social media pages.
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      At Kids Party Bible we are  fully committed to helping promote our listed businesses so please contact us to discuss other advertising and promotional opportunities.

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Kids Party Bible is a one stop shop for kids party ideas, inspiration and suppliers. Whether you are looking for showstopping birthday cake ideas, a party entertainer or bouncy castle hire you will find it at Kids Party Bible

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