Share your party

Share your party!
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At Kids Party Bible we love everything about kids parties and we love to see what you’ve created for your own children’s parties……
So why not share YOUR party pictures with us?
We love to see real life cakes, decor, games and party food being enjoyed at real life parties.  You don’t need to be a professional cake maker or photographer….. we just love to see what you have created and inspire other parents to have a go!

You get to see your hard work published and provide inspiration for other parents who are planning a party.

Please add your party details to the form below and upload a couple of your best photos.
As soon as we’ve given it a quick once over we will publish it to our real parties gallery……. don’t forget to share the results on social media too!
If you haven’t already registered with Kids Party Bible you will need to register first.  It only takes a minute- we just need you to pick a username and password

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