7 Sanity Saving Tips for Organising a Kids Party

7 Sanity Saving Tips for Organising a Kids Party


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You might be able to deliver a baby, rebuild a car engine from scratch, or present a tricky end-of-year result to shareholders yet still be filled with terror at the thought of  a kids party. Somewhere at this very minute a parent is hyperventilating at the thought of their child’s expectations for their forthcoming birthday party.

Follow our 7 easy tips you to make organising a children’s party stress free – if not fun!


1. Forget three, two is the magic number. The date and time may be dependent on your chosen venue but the duration should be a maximum of two hours for children four and over, with one and a half hours being the most you can reasonably expect a toddler to cope with. While you’ll never make every parent happy, try to be considerate with your timing

2. Choose your venue wisely. Consider the number and type of children you’re inviting, how many parents/adults will be there, what entertainment you’re planning, and whether there’s a suitable wet-weather alternative. If you’re hiring a venue check what furniture is there and any restrictions to the types of decorations you can use.

3.  Plan your party for children, not for adults. A birthday party should be FUN! If you have enough adult helpers you can play party games such as musical bumps and pass the parcel with children from around 4 to 6 years. Small prizes are a must! There are lots of options to buy or you could get crafty with the cardboard and glitter and make your own medals to give out.

4. Having a theme makes decisions simple. There’s a wealth of children’s party invitations and decorations to choose from but if you have a theme then it will be fast and easy to find what you want and keep your look coordinated.

5. Feeding frenzy.  Ask on your invitations for parents to let you know of any dietary restrictions. Serve food in small portions and include a mix of sweet and savoury. Crisps, plainish cupcakes, biscuits, fruit kebabs, and ham or cheese sandwiches should keep both the kids and their parents happy.
You can make life really simple by making up food boxes in advance. Include a sandwich or two, a wrapped biscuit, a small bag of crisps and a drink. and serve at the table with cupcakes and fruit.
Avoid fizzy drinks and anything overloaded with sugar unless you want a room full of hyperactive children.

6. Party bag contents should include a piece of cake, a small toy or two, and a balloon. Don’t go overboard, and think twice about including bubbles or noisy toys. You could simply give younger children a helium balloon with a wrapped slice of cake. Have extras in case parents bring unexpected siblings.

7. Take your time: You’ll need more time than you think to set up and it’s best if you can leave the birthday child with someone else while you do it. Check you have enough toilet paper, baby wipes (great for cleaning everything, including faces) and bin bags.


Finally, remind yourself that it’s only two hours, and if you’ve got a cold glass of something to welcome you when you get home then so much the better!


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  1. Party Bags and Supplies, July 21, 2015 10:34 am - 7 Sanity Saving Tips for Organising a Kids Party

    it can be really stressful trying to plan a party for the kids! thanks for sharing these tips!


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